Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

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Take advantage of free local delivery for your prescription refills.



Learn why flu vaccines are so important.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Relieve your pain with effective OTC medicine.

Don't Trust Your Health to Just Any Drugstore

Come to a family-owned pharmacy in Prestonsburg, KY

Are you new to the area? Did your regular pharmacy close down? Is medication too expensive at your current pharmacy? No matter why you're looking for a new drugstore, we'd like to welcome you to Archer Clinic Pharmacy.

Whether you need OTC medicine, a vaccination or a prescription refill, our friendly staff is standing by to help.

Get big-city service from a small-town store

You don't need to drive to the city to find a full-service drugstore. Just stop by Archer Clinic Pharmacy for all your pharmacy needs.

You'll appreciate that we:


Do all we can to keep you and your family healthy


Offer a wide range of products


Make transferring prescriptions easy

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Save time and money

Refilling a prescription can be such a hassle-you have to get in your car, drive to the drugstore and wait on the medication to be prepared. Simplify the process by ordering refills from Archer Clinic Pharmacy. You won't have to waste time driving to a local pharmacy-we'll deliver the prescription right to your door.

Go to the Refills page now to learn more about the free delivery service we offer to residents of the Prestonsburg, KY area.